Popes & Imams

English: Pope Benedict XVI

English: Pope Benedict XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… and then there is this…

Vatican hits out at claims Pope quit over explosive dossier on gay sex scandal | The Sun |News.
Pope Sexual Abuse Scandal News – ABC News.
Sex Scandal May Be Linked to Pope’s Resignation : Discovery News.
Pope Offers Apology, Not Penalty, for Sex Abuse Scandal – NYTimes.com.
Vatican forced to defend Pope over sex scandal – The Globe and Mail.
Pope Benedict ‘complicit in child sex abuse scandals’, say victims’ groups | guardian.co.uk.

Let us fantasize for a moment.
Imagine that Ratzinger was a high Imam with the same diplomatic immunity.
Let’s say the Imam had done the same things Ratzinger have done…

Do you think the Imam would go free?
Food for thought! 🙂


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