Human rights?

humanrightsI’m one of the most privileged people on the planet.
I identify myself as male, over middle age, slightly over weight, caucasian, straight (asexual), in a modern western society who lives alone in a to big house with only a dog as company.
Most of my friends from my youth are dead so I talk to people online.

Half of this planets inhabitants identify as female and because of that(!) they get less pay, less education and are looked upon as some kind of furniture that goes with the house or something.
There are all kinds of people that identify as different colors, cultures and so on.
There are also groups of people that identify as a member of one of the LGBT-groups or doesn’t want a label at all.

To the point!
It amazes me when media tells us “middle-eastern women will not get an education”, “western women don’t get the same pay and/or rights as the male persons doing the same job”, “HBTQ people aren’t allowed to love and/or marry who they like”, people being harrased, killed and even hunted in the streets and so on because of who they love and who they are?!

Why do we (I’m included in this) rob these people of their HUMAN rights?
Religion and the religious cultures is a big part of this.
Over half the population on the planet has less human rights than the rest of us…?!

It’s 2017 now and we’re still doing this shit?


4 thoughts on “Human rights?

  1. Yep. Down with women. Down with gays. Down with left leaning liberals. Down with factual information. Down with science. Down with anyone with a slightly different hue of skin color.

    Mostly at the hands of our wonderful religious wing nuts.

    You would think that by now we as a society would be able to scrape that nasty parasite off of our asses. But the stupid is strong. Religion has outlived its usefulness, if it ever had any…

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    • It’s been this way for… ever.
      Will we ever learn to treat people like equals, no matter what gender, sex, size or colour they are?
      With the political climate in the world and religions claiming victims all over the planet… I’m doubtful we’ll ever get there.
      Hopefully climate change will force us to rethink our views or just wipe us out and start over.


      • While I have personally seen incremental changes in my lifetime the answer to your question is I fear, not likely. Or if there is positive change in these categories there is a long way to go yet. Religion poisions everything.

        There are days I feel the exact same way about our species. Global warming might be the best thing that happened to this planet if it manages to kill us, the most destructive invasive species on the planet, off. Perhaps earth could eventually recover from our excesses and life would roll on without us.


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