Why is it that the female body and thought has become a battlefield?
Every fucking religion and a lot of governments, right now, are claiming their right over women.
I happen to love the female form and I know my feelings towards women, so I know the claims can’t come from love. Besides that, most of us love our mothers and sisters, right?
It must be power.
If you control the female part of this planet, you also control much of the male form.

That’s probably why almost all of them (religions and governments) are afraid of LGBT marriage and LGBT rights.
Simplified, support female and LGBT rights and you scare the shit out of oppressive religions and governments.

Logic. 🙂


Let there be rock


Guitars (Photo credit: otrocalpe)

I’ve loved music for as long as have been alive.

Got my first guitar when I was six and my father taught me the first three chords.

Played in bands at the age of 14 and started out as a troubadour, on my own when I was 25.

Nowadays I only play when I’m sad or in trouble. Not very often. 🙂

We have a weird thing here in Sweden, and I know these things exist in the rest of the world too.
Christian rock festivals…
Yep, you read it right.
Metal and hard rock, praising the lord.

In my mind they are not compatible, and here’s the simple reason.
Blues and rock have its roots in protest and hardship, not worship.
When I plug in my guitar and crank up the volume, it’s not to celebrate.
It’s to get rid of the anger and maybe a listener will feel the same.

So… after I watched the Christian stand-up, last night, I decided to go on with the torture.
I went looking for Christian rock…
Yes, it was painful but there are some really good musicians out there, among the religious people.
However, their message are exactly the same as the old Christian hymns.
“Oh you’re so great”, “I’m not worthy” and, of course, “pray for me, my family and/or friends”.
It’s the same shit in a new package.

Just as last time, I’ll give you three examples with lots of bands and music.
Enjoy … or something! 🙂

10 of this persons favourite Christian rock songs.

Top ten of this persons Christian rock bands.

Top 20 of this persons Christian rock band.

Musically, nothing to complain about.
Lyrics… GTFO! 🙂