newyear2Take a long lingering look around you…
Do you like what you see, in your city, your country… in the world?
People die like flies just because some brain-dead men with massive inferiority problems are trying to compensate for their lack of genitals.
Yes, “men”, very few women could fuck things up like this.

Aside from racism being normalized here in Sweden, the world is in the hands of Trump and a Republican Congress.
ISIS commits attack after attack and uncontrollably slaughters everything they consider to be against their interpretation of the Koran.
Women and children becomes sex slaves and auctioned out like cattle.
If you cant fuck it, kill it.
Here in the EU, Erdogan and Putin have become autocrats, eagerly encouraged by the neo-Nazis here in Sweden… and so on for all fucking infinity.

Climate change is ignored and deliberately thwarted by greedy people with more money than sense.
What is it in the sentence; “We are going to die” they do not grasp?

Culture-wise, the year has been an unmitigated disaster.
Far too many have died who should have had at least a comfortable old age, most recently Carrie Fisher…  the year is not over yet…

The last ten years I have consistently maintained that the world can’t get much worse.
This year how ever, I see a very bleak future and I’m very glad I don’t have to experience the worst of the upcoming mess.
With a little luck, we’ll get a nuclear war so we’ll be kicked back to the Stone Age and the planet can get a much-needed chance of recover.

I ask the adults of tomorrow for your forgiveness for putting you in the situation you are in.
Forgive us, we knew very well what we did.

Happy New Year!