Yes, I’m trying out different themes here on WordPress.
Well, I like change and so do you.
Also, I’m lazy.
Otherwise I would have made my own theme on my own server and not spent time amongst really good looking themes that doesn’t function or functional themes that looks like two weeks in Homs (Syria).

So this page will look more or less like a fucking rainbow with Parkinson’s disease for a few days (deal with it). 🙂
And for those who hates rainbows, free information, wants basic themes only, eats mayonnaise and hates freedom… you wouldn’t know style if it pitched a tent in your ass.

See you after I’ve slipped into something less appropriate. 🙂


… maybe… yellow… or green…?
… no… shit… and pictures doesn’t… fuck this….
… who’s the idiot that coded this shit?!

… I need a beer…


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