Dead end talents

chessI’ve met some really talented people in my life. Some of them in really weird places.

Like Ivan. I met him when I did a few technical solutions for Volvo in my early days as a repair- and assemblyman.

Ivan was originally from Russia and worked “on the line”. He was one of a couple of hundreds assembling cars day and night.

He helped me with a few things and we got to talk about other things than work.
He played chess, I also played chess so I brought a chessboard and he beat me every single game.
I’m good but he was better, far better.
He had been a competitive chess player back in Leningrad – Russia so I asked him why he didn’t continue here in Sweden?
– No money in chess. I have family, was the simple answer.

Imagine how many “Ivans” there are out there.
How many geniuses is working dead end jobs just to make a living?
How many Mozart, Callas, Da Vinci, Segovia, Pavarotti and people with talents in other arts like engineering, architecture and others?

Our educational systems are useless at taking care of people with talents.


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