Kim Davis a tumour on society

You know that weird feeling, when you see and hear someone so revolting, so repulsive that you actually feel physically sick?
One (of many) person that makes me feel that way is a little sad lady by the name of Kim Davis.

Unfortunately we all know that arguing or debating this type of person doesn’t work.
Facts doesn’t work, her own holy book doesn’t work and common sense doesn’t work.
She has a following. There are more shit for brains people out there.
I hope the US justice system puts her away for a long time but… well, she has some serious friends in high places.

My last hope for the US is Bernie Sanders. He might do something like this guy:


3 thoughts on “Kim Davis a tumour on society

  1. I so despise that woman. That she has supporters says more for the state of Pentecostals and other assorted right wing nuts than it does for the people in my household. But there are way more of them than there are of us I am afraid.

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    • … for now…

      But I’m afraid you’re right and they will not go away willingly.
      My gut tells me there will be some kind of fight, maybe even an uprising of some sort.
      When they feel threatened enough, they will act and people will (hopefully) not stand for that shit.

      There will be ruffled feathers and the government will probably have to step in.
      Hopefully the government will be on the peoples side…


      • After this ridiculous Bundy incident, you could be closer to the truth than I’d like.

        …and hopefully you are right about the govt standing on the side of reason. But remember, a great deal of elected reps are the fundie Bundy’s.

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