Yes I live alone, in the deep northern forests of Sweden, in a big house (too big for one person), I grow some of my food and if anything needs fixing I do it myself.
I can see some of the lights from my nearest neighbour on clear nights.
Used to be a “city boy”, highly paid journalist and a “pillar of the community”.

For as long as I know I have fought injustice in every form.
At work, in my personal life, in politics and in the community around me.
I don’t like people and/or organisations who prey on others, snake oil salesmen, religions, charlatans and other low life.

The older I got, the more I wanted to get away from “modern society” and one day I packed up a few things and left.
It reached a level where I just couldn’t take it (and people) any more.
And as Virgil Snyder in the article below says; “I’m the village idiot” but “you don’t see a dog sitting around takin’ itself serious and shit.” 🙂

This article (By Paul Willis) describes a lot of all this. 🙂
The Peculiar Case of a Modern-Day Hermit | VICE | United States


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