Doing something without doing something

setiIn this day and age we’re used to “act” against or for things by the click of a mouse button.

Translation: I want to do something but I’m to lazy or comfortably numb to actually do something…
I’ll just move my hand a bit and someone else can do it for me…

Remember the SETI@home project from Berkeley?
Basically you download a screen saver that helps the SETI project when your computer isn’t used.
There’s more to this than just SETI.
My computers are connected to the World Community Grid (WCG) to help in projects like: Clean Water, Fight Ebola, , Fight Cancer, Clean Energy and many more.

The idea is the same. When your computers just sit there, WCG uses that time via screen saver, to do good things.

AND you don’t even have to move your hand to click that button… you lazy bum! 🙂


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