The third one?!

SpaceX Falcon 9-rocket exploded.
This was the third launch that exploded (An Orbital Antares rocket blew up in October, and then a Russian Progress 59 spun out of control after reaching orbit).
No pressure NASA! 🙂
There’s usually between two to three years between the mishaps/accidents but now there’s three within the same time.

Elon Musk SpaceX’s rocket just exploded. – The Washington Post.

List of spaceflight-related accidents and incidents – Wikipedia.


7 thoughts on “The third one?!

      • No worries, and I agree with what you were hitting at: three rockets going to flame is not good, not good at all.

        On a happier note, DSCVR isn’t far away now from reaching its final destination at Lagrangian 1, and when its there it’ll start beaming back live 24/7 video of earth. That is going to be AWESOME!

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  1. This is worrisome. I guess when it comes to space exploration/study you have to break a lot of eggs to enjoy the omelette.

    I do wish it were a simpler and safer undertaking. Maybe they can get there eventually, but there are too many things that can go wrong at any time I fear. Probably why we don’t have flying cars just yet.

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    • After reading about incidents in space since the 50s I get the feeling we would do better with the Apollo gear. 🙂

      When I saw the moon landing I got a dream; to walk the moon or at least see our planet from space…
      Flying cars was just a bonus. 🙂


  2. I think you are right, they got the Apollo system going pretty well when they got the bugs worked out. There were some broken eggs there too, but once they got past those issues it worked pretty damn well. I keep asking myself if it ain’t broke why fix it?

    I refuse to die until I get my damn flying car!

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    • Yup, by now I think that they (NASA… or anyone) can leave me up there. It would be ok to die, doing the last thing on my bucket list. 🙂

      If only more people said “If it ain’t broke why fix it?”.
      The world would be a much happier place and I would live on Mars. 🙂


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