In my opinion, a very nice bedroom.


Picture grabbed from the web. Not mine.


7 thoughts on “Bedroom

    • Swedes are living on solid rock, all the way down to the iron core of this ball. 🙂

      I think there was an earth quake somewhere here in the mid 70′. It was big in the news because it was our first one in recorded history.
      We have minor flooding, some storms (mild), forest fires in the summer and some landslides… every tenth year or so.
      A very secure and calm place to live in if you just follow natures ways and common sense. Our winters are killers.

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      • I’m glad you’re relatively secure. I understand what you mean by killer winters, as I’ve lived through my fair share of snow up to my eyeballs and snow covering my doorknob winters. Fun times. x

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  1. Books are my passion and sanity. To be surrounded by them must be akin to waking up in your own fantastical dream. 😊

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