We all have them. Some are easy to achieve, other will take some tinkering.
My dream car is, for instance not what you might expect from a guy who knows his way around things like climate change and/or environment issues.
This is the type of car I would love to have. It’s easy to fix. No computers or electronics that can break down and you’ll only need two tools  for it; a crowbar and a  sledgehammer.

Same with the house. Now I live alone (with dogs) in a a large three-story house.
I don’t need all that space, it’s a lot to clean and costs a fortune to heat winter time, besides, I spend 90 percent of my time on the outside anyway.

A small vegetable garden, outdoor kitchen (summer), a place to sleep and keep warm & dry, a well (or similar) and an outhouse.
What more do you need?

One of many many examples of simple living.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I think that your plan sounds great. I like to solve problems with two tools: a crowbar (so I can lift it to see what’s underneath) and a sledgehammer (so I can obliterate it). In a figurative sense, of course. x

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