bodyI’ve been away for a while.
I could say that it was because of some bipolar issues and other personal things but the core was; I got tired.
Tired of the massive hate, constant death threats and all the 10-yearolds that makes the Internet smell like a kids pool a sunny day.

Got tired of being angry on people that can’t let us live our lives as we want. Tired of religion and religious people forcing their shit into law, governments, educational systems… you’ve heard it all before.
Mostly I got tired of ignorant fucks that constantly pissed on human rights…

I stopped using YouTube a few years ago and FaceBook too and found myself on atheist forums that “preached for the already convinced” by regurgitating the same shit over and over again.

Just tired…

I’m not going to say “I’m back” but I will post here from time to time, when my anger flares up again… shouldn’t take too long.


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