DIY – Homemade Ram Pump

“Construct your very own home made hydraulic ram pump from readily attainable parts available at most hardware stores. If your looking for a off the grid water solution or just enjoy a fun new project, a home made ram pump could be for you.”

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4 thoughts on “DIY – Homemade Ram Pump

  1. My neighbor has built a water wheel hoping to make power. Problem is he is using an electric pump to move the water. I keep telling him that he is chasing his tail and would be lucky to break even, if that, by starting out with a power draw.

    He does though have a creek that borders his property, I told him to look into the ram pump, but he just can’t get it through his head that he is fighting a losing battle.

    You win some, you lose some…


    • Use energy to make energy!? As a starter? To get the wheel spinning?
      I will test the ram pump when the weather is a little more forgiving up here in the cold north… sometime in April or May. πŸ™‚


      • Yep using energy to make energy… I have tried to explain that it is chasing your damn tail, but this guy is my neighbor and a friend, so I can’t say “It won’t work dumbass!” So…I just let it go, and try to be helpful in other ways πŸ™‚ Do post your succes with the pump!


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