That’s it Facebook

citizen-kane-clappingI have fought Facebook for a couple of years, regarding the name I used, where I was, why they couldn’t track me, my use of proxies and so on.
They have, time after time, asked me for an ID.
Of course, with a name like The God Extinguisher, I’m going to be reported from religious people that can’t debate me. 🙂

Besides the fact that no company ever in history have had the legal rights to force me to produce an ID, I see no reason for me to produce even more shit for Zuckerberg to be able to sell to a third party.

Today they shut me down again and I’m ok with that.
It was probably just a week or two before I would have shut it down myself because of all the “new rules” that Facebook is rolling out January 2015, about 14 days from today.

It’s easy to understand Facebook. They are doing this to make money and if they can’t make money on you, you’re out. 🙂
So I just continue to post my atheism somewhere it matters instead.
I hope you all have fantastic holidays and a great new year!


One thought on “That’s it Facebook

  1. Somewhere there is a great meme with the quote: “If you’re not paying for the service, you are not the customer. You are the product.” It features a picture of two pigs in a pen. …and it’s about Facebook.


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