Never is a loooong word

holding hands

For ever? (Photo credit: vistavision)

I’ve read a bit about marriage today.
No, I’m not, I never will and yes it’s my own decision. 🙂

“Never is a loooong word”, I hear you say.

Well, according to this 2010 Pew Research Survey, I should, not only be married. By now I should be married for the second time!

I should also have so and so many children, have a career, two dogs and so on into eternity… I don’t have any of that… well, I do have dogs.

Marriage is a religious thing, invented long before any of the abrahamic religions was made up.
My ancestors, the scandinavian vikings, “jumped swords” and sacrificed a goat to Frej to get many children… preferably male children…

Then, around the year 1000, a guy called Ansgar came along with christianity.
Long story short, all women’s rights went right out the window along with the old gods.
Before christianity, a nordic woman had the right to divorce, the right to half the farm, silver, ship and so on. She had her own voice at the law-gatherings (ting) and was the boss at the homestead.
After christianity… nothing.

The only reason I could see for marriage is the legal bound.
If one dies, the other, will not suffer economically. I think the children have some rights in there somewhere too(?). 🙂
That’s why I support gay marriage.
It’s a human-right, everyone should have it AND it should be legally binding.
Marriage was here long before the abrahamic religions so I don’t even understand why we debate this?
We’ve had gay marriage for years here in Sweden without any problems at all.
The priest have the right to deny to perform the service (if he or she don’t want to) and you get another priest and everybody’s happy. 🙂
Oh, and yes, we have female priests too AND they too are alowed to marry.


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