Offensive pictures?

A woman with burqa on walking by the road in n...

A woman with burqa on walking by the road in northern Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently posted some thoughts about the female form in religion, called: The beautiful female form.

One of my friends on Facebook got banned from posting for three days because some idiot decided to report him, for linking to the mentioned blog post.
If something is offensive, that is!

When you are offended by a picture of a perfectly ordinary woman, beautiful in my opinion, then you have some other serious problems.
Is the picture to the right more to your liking?
Is it better to cover up the female body?
I tell you, I find the picture of the person in a burqa more offensive than most pictures. Why?
Because it’s a picture of oppression.
Read more about sharia laws here: Ponder Life as a Woman Living Under Sharia Law

My guess is that you, the puritan, need to get laid… badly.

My banned friends YouTube channel.

And his video about this


4 thoughts on “Offensive pictures?

    • I would even go as far as to say that religion is afraid of strong and proud women.
      The christians are doing their best to take away human-rights from everybody, except for white, christian, hetero males.
      If they could, I’m sure they would love to enforce a christian form of sharia laws.
      In my opinion every man and woman have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, as long as they don’t hurt anyone.
      “Oh, but the kids should not have to see naked people”… well, teach the kids that there’s nothing wrong with a naked body and make them understand the difference between normal pictures and pornographic ones.
      Stop the shaming, oppression and indoctrination based on holy books. It is really that simple.


  1. I absolutely couldn’t agree with you more. It appears that I started all sorts of trouble with my rather disturbing photo.My intention was to illustrate the lunacy of religious law. The human form – male or female – is glorious and perfect. From 16th century Popes ordering breasts and genitals be covered in the “fig leaf” campaign, hammers being taken to penises on statues, ritual mutilation of female sex organs, and yes – sharia law, religion reigns supreme as the ultimate tool of control and force.


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