The beautiful female form

English: Woman poses nude on other sites and i...

Woman poses nude on other sites and is happy to represent the model for female body shape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a “sick old man” since puberty.
I like women, how they think and their eyes. I like the female body to… it’s just not as important as eyes to me.
Yes, I’m an eye-man… if there is such a thing. I really enjoy what eyes can tell you.

As long as she’s not to skinny. When ever I see one of those cranial women from a marathon or similar, I tend to think, “please, eat something”.

I worked a few years as a bouncer at strip clubs, and I can tell you a thing or two about what people do for sex, drugs and/or money.
I like seeing an almost naked girl/woman as much as anyone, without getting “un pure thoughts” or wanting to do something bad to them.

I write “almost” because if a woman is completely nude in front of me she’s probably a nudist, and that is something completely different… in my world.

To get un pure thoughts, I need a partly covered woman with at least some clothes on.
It’s in the eyes, not the body, for me.

I like the fact that the female body is used BY THE WOMEN to advocate a statement nowadays.
An example:
The Bigot Vanquisher is another woman I really like.

But religious people often try to take the moral high-ground on this subject.
So what is their view on the body and nudity?
Especially the female form.

The muslim faith wants to hide it… or is it?
Well, the muslim men do… what about the muslim women?
Christians is all about “in the sanctity of the home” and “behind closed doors and curtains” when it comes to the female body. Pretty much the same as the muslims but with a bigger hi jab.

It’s funny how people that are so repressed have so strong opinions about what we should or should not do in our own bedrooms, with our own bodies.
I have no answers. But I know that religious women struggle with their body image as much as everybody else.

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PS: I’m trying out a “new” plug-in, in Firefox, called Grammarly“. Please tell me if my texts are worse or better with this plug-in.   DS


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