Logic motherfu**er, do you speak it!?

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I consider myself to be a logical man.
A bit weird, unbalanced, with (sometimes) breathtaking anger management issues… but still, logical.

My logic serves me well in my work as a writer and journalist.
I see, hear or read something that triggers my curiosity and the logic kicks in. I research the subject systematically ,

I try to look at it from different view points and I draw conclusions.
My conclusion is always based on the facts i have gathered, what I know about the subject and my own experiences, in that order.

Now, let’s take any religious text.
What do I know?
The text describes fantastic things.
Could they be true?
Based on my knowledge of how the laws of physics works, my own experience and what I’ve read… no.
There are no magic, no miracles and no unexplained truth.

All above, is the reason I have read the three abrahamic religions books and a lot of other theological texts. To form an opinion. To draw my own conclusions. It’s logical.

So, how come, I encounter theists, who tries to argue their point with no facts at all?
And even worse. 95% of them have not even read their own book!?
How (and why) do you argue without even knowing what your own religion has to say on the subject?

So many people can’t be that stupid. So many people can’t be that uneducated.
I’ve even debated with priests that does not know what the bible says!
When I’ve asked about this, alot of theists say “I know what my book say, I don’t need to read it”…!
Even if I point it out to them, right in front of them, they still say “I know what it says and you’re wrong”…!?

My conclusion is that a lot of theists are just lazy and don’t know shit about their own religion. They make it up as they go along.

“There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument.”
Christopher Hitchens

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