Licking Father Marcin Kozyra


Lick (Photo credit: Dan Barak)

I thought the Catholic Church had reached the bottom(!) with their weird ceremonies but they have hit another low.
“A police investigation has been launched after a series of disturbing photos emerged showing schoolchildren licking whipped cream from the knee of a Polish priest.”

Yes, you read that right, first year pupils have been doing this, at an annual event for many years…

– Are you coming to the movies?
– Nah, I’m off to lick the priest.

Please tell me where in the bible, it says, “thou shalt lick the priest”?

Probe launched into Polish priest who gets young children to lick whipped cream off his knee in creepy school initiation | Mail Online.
* Schoolchildren ‘Licked Cream Off Polish Catholic Priest Father Marcin Kozyra’s Legs’ In Initiation Ceremony (PICTURES).
* News Poland | School bans ‘leg-licking’ ritual.
* Polish priest in bizarre whipped cream ‘initiation ceremony’ – Telegraph.
* A Polish Roman Catholic Priest, Father Marcin Kozyra Is Being Investigated For Having Kids Lick Whipped Cream Off His Body, Highlight Hollywood News.
* Polish police in a lather over creepy ‘initiation’ photos showing teens licking whipped cream off priest’s knees  – NY Daily News.

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