Wichcraft and HIV

AIDS Awareness

AIDS Awareness (Photo credit: sassy mom)

“In many countries throughout the world belief in witches is common, and black magic is considered part of everyday life.
Witch doctors are consulted not only for healing diseases, but also for placing, or removing, curses or bringing luck.”

Seodi White, a human rights activist, has been fighting for years to stem many traditional beliefs that help spread HIV in the small African country of Malawi, especially among poor and underprivileged women.
Widows in some parts of southern Africa are expected to engage in unprotected sex in order to “cleanse” them.
The belief is that the husband’s spirit will return otherwise, cursing the family.”

How Belief in Magic Spreads HIV in Africa : Discovery News.
Lawyer fights ‘widow cleansing’ tradition in Malawi – CNN.com.
Wichcraft Belief in Malawi Sparks Violence : Discovery News.

And the Catholic Church and the Pope sure hasn’t helped the use of condoms.
Pope claims condoms could make African Aids crisis worse | guardian.co.uk.
Pope: Condoms not the answer in AIDS fight – NBC News.

On the bright side.
DNews: Doctors Cure Baby of HIV : Discovery News.


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