The subatomic particle

Particles::Circles:max 2007-08-28

Particles::Circles:max 2007-08-28 (Photo credit: Andreas Wetterberg)

I watched a lot of Monty Python when I was a kid. The TV-shows and later, the movies.

They always had a fresh view on religion and similar things.
The Meaning of Life” is a perfect example on their view on church and religion.

The clip below shows the bigotry, grovel and indoctrination that goes on.
Note that I don’t write think is going on”.
We all know that it is and if you are in doubt, just google it.
I encourage you to read the scriptures of the three abrahamic religions, go to a church, mosque and/or synagogues and listen to the people there.
You will turn atheist faster than a subatomic particle.

Don’t let religion hurt you.


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