Thank you

Earth Full South Pacific

Earth Full South Pacific (Photo credit: FlyingSinger)

On the right side of this blog, there’s a small icon that says: “My visitor globe”.

It shows which country the visitors here come from.
Two weeks ago I looked at it and it was a few in EU and the main part from the US.
Today I looked at it again and the map has exploded!?

Visitors from all over this old rock are coming here.
Makes me feel strange… kind of, grown up with responsibilities and stuff. πŸ™‚
This blog is a pastime thing I do to vent all the thoughts I have regarding religion and similar topics.Β It’s nothing I get get paid to do, I don’t even have ads on it.

It also makes me wonder what people are looking for here?
I think it’s pretty clear that this is an atheist blog, mostly for atheists.
I know for a fact that not only atheists are visiting, which is a good thing.

I get messages from religious people asking why we (atheists) always talk, write and points out the bad things in religion…
Well, if I find anything good somewhere I’ll put it here.
Until then you’ll have to face your own bigotry, homophobes, woman hating, anti-gay, sex hating, child abusing, anti-science and all the rest of the shit religion are spewing all over the place.
When you say or do something bad, in the name of your religion, you will find someone like me, answering back, pointing out your bullshit.

Oh, and thank you to everyone who is visiting, for whatever reason. πŸ™‚


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