The mirror

Mirrored Alfama

Mirrored Alfama (Photo credit: Grumbler %-|)

Here, where I live, there’s been a lot of cases where scientologists have tried to stop investigations, public documents and even breaking in to peoples homes, attacking them.

This scam is taking over people’s lives and people’s brains, hurting them, even killing people.
Sometimes I can’t even stand religious people, normally I lash out against religion, not the followers, but when it comes to child abuse, brain washing, circumcision on boys and girls, honor killings, suicide bombers, bigotry, hate, LGBT-bashing, evil, oppression,, women hating, sex shaming and pure stupidity… I just want to show all these pigs a mirror.

Showing them what I see and hopefully they will learn something.

“The Church of Scientology has lashed out at a new book by its leader’s niece, which recounts a stolen childhood and how she was brainwashed and cut off from her family before eventually escaping.”

* Brainwashed and cut off from her family, Scientology leader’s niece reveals Church secrets in new book | The Raw Story.
* Jamie DeWolf, Scientology Founder’s Great-Grandson, Accuses Church Of ‘Brainwashing’.
* Scientology ‘Brainwash’: comment by a judge.
* BBC News – Ex-scientologist: I was brainwashed.
* Actor Jason Beghe: Scientology Is ‘Brainwashing’ | Fox News.
* Tom Cruise’s Ex-Scientology Adviser: Suri Could Be Brainwashed Against Mom Katie Holmes – Celebuzz.


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