New guy, same shit

English: Door of the prison of the Holy Inquis...

English: Door of the prison of the Holy Inquisition for the clergy.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, about this new guy in the Vatican.

Pope Francis encountered many cases of sexual abuse in the years when he was an auxiliary bishop and then the archbishop of Buenos Aires. Yet he has been content for the most part to remain silent.”

He is also outspoken against gays, same sex marriages and gays adopting children.
He was very cozy with junta in Argentine and allegedly helped to get people (jesuits) arrested.

As a friend on FaceBook wrote, “this pope gets off to a rocking start”.
So, the new guy is a homophobic, power hungry man who like things as they where in medieval times and whose main feature is to be silent…
Nothing new there.

I think the catholic church just went from bad to worse but every good catholic will, of course, call all this slander…

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Elected Leader Of Catholic Church.
Pope Francis Against Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption.
Matthew Fox: The Dark Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI.
God Behind the Big Bang, Pope Benedict XVI Says.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio Accused Of Involvement In 1976 Abductions.


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