Always suicide attacks

Suicide Bomber vest

Suicide Bomber vest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer is always suicide attacks, isn’t it?
How come the most retarded people always get the high positions in the religious groups?
Why is it that it’s always the person with the most radical ideas, that gets the power to really mess things up?

When are the normal religious people going to put an end to these idiots?
The rule of thumb in the three abrahamic religions is: Bend over or we’ll kill you.
They all fight for freedom… for themselves, not for anybody else.
If you’re not with them, you’re against them and the supporters are the one that are oppressed.

When will ordinary muslims, christians and jews react?

Supporting Assad is a ‘religious obligation:’ Syria’s Grand Imam
Syria grand mufti threatens attacks on U.S. and E.U
Top Syria cleric threatens attacks on U.S.



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