Catholics, wake the fuck up!

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Leave me alone, dirty cuckold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again and again and again!
When are the people of the catholic faith going to wake up and kick all these bastards in the nuts and give them to the police?

“A commission investigating abuse of children linked to Dutch Roman Catholic institutions says girls were sexually abused by members of the clergy in their homes and in church, while they suffered physical abuse and intimidation at the hands of nuns at homes for young women.”

We see it all the time now. In investigation after investigation.
There’s even a new form of weird people; abuse-deniers!
A person in the catholic forums tells us that it never happend! It’s all lies…
Link below.

Dutch Catholic Girls Abused At Home, In Church.
Dutch Catholic girls abused at home, in church –
Dutch Catholic girls abused at home, in church – Beaumont Enterprise.
Another Catholic sex abuse cover-up –

FACTS… well, Wikipedia. 🙂
Catholic sex abuse cases – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How do catholics reason around this subject?
Well, let us take a peek behind the curtain and please, to avoid a stroke, remember to breathe deeply when you read what they have to say.
I’ll even give you a sample:
“I want to know how best to refute the claim that the Catholic Church actively shelters “pedophile” priests. I know that the whole story is (and never was) told in the media, but I’m not sure where to look for information defending the Church. With articles like this, it’s not hard to see why anti-Catholic sentiment is so present. As a result, it seems that a majority of people I know are convinced that the Catholic Church is entirely consisted of old men who rape children.”

“Anyone with half a brain and the ability to see slanted journalism when they see it knows that isn’t true”
Defending the Church: Sexual Abuse Scandal – Catholic Answers Forums.


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