Compulsory prayer

The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Compulsory prayer.
Yes, these words makes me shudder too.

Most civilized countries have a separation of church and state but some religious organisations obviously don’t know what that means and continue to force their beliefs on other people.
Especially on children of lower age.

Below is links to just a small number of articles on the subject.
People don’t like it and they are fighting back.

Atheist cop sues after being demoted to car washer for refusing to pray | The Raw Story.
U.S. soldier sues over mandatory Christian prayers | FaithWorld.
Prayer cannot be made compulsory in councils, court ruling says | Ekklesia.
Teen atheist makes complaint over compulsory prayer service.

And here is one reason to fight
BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Schools’ failure on daily prayers.


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