In Need of an Exorcism?  Street Ads, Chatroule...

In Need of an Exorcism? Street Ads, Chatroulette & Demonic Possession (by @seancranbury) (Photo credit: Book Madam)

Do you remember Max Von Sydow and his “The power of christ compels you” and other disturbing scenes from Holywood?
Of course you do but most of you think that it was only a movie.
Think again.

Exorcism is alive and kicking around the world.
Yes, there are people, today, that are killed, abused and hurt by “priests” claiming demonic possession in a person.
I know that the stone age people did believe in things we laugh about today but this goes on. It’s here and now!

It’s now 2013 and this shit is still going on!?
Well, if you believe that a burning bush and a talking snake has affected humanity… the step to exorcism isn’t that far.

Exorcism: Facts and Fiction About Demonic Possession | LiveScience.
‘Hi, deliver me from evil’: Catholic Church sets up an exorcist hotline to deal with demand – Europe – World – The Independent.
American exorcist-in-training shares his experience :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).
BBC News – Milan diocese creates exorcism hotline.
Exorcism Thriving in U.S., Say Experts – ABC News.
AMA warning after Christian group Set Right performs exorcisms on two-year-old | News.com.au.
Pope Benedict ‘exorcised two men in the Vatican’, claims new book – Telegraph.


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