House arrest for sex abuse

Saskatoon YFC

Saskatoon (Photo credit: two stout monks)

Let me get this straight. Father William Hodgson Marshall commits sexual assaults against boys, dating back to the 1950s… and he gets house arrest and then probation!? Give me a break.
I don’t care if he’s on his death bed, first he should apologize to his victims, then pay them all he owns and then he should be put in a real shit hole dungeon to fend for himself.

Don’t give me that shit about old age.
What about the kids age?

No wonder the pope “retired” he probably didn’t want to take the stand with all this going on.

Things like this pisses me of to no end.

Retired priest pleads guilty in Saskatoon abuse case
Ex-priest charged with sex abuse of Saskatoon teens
Former Saskatchewan priest receives house arrest for sex abuse of two boys
Father William Hodgson Marshall pleads guilty to sexual assault against two teenaged boys


4 thoughts on “House arrest for sex abuse

  1. Agreed. I am astonished the Vatican has never been raided by INTERPOL. A pedophile club is a pedophile club… I don’t give a rats ass if its a self-declared sovereign state.


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