Topless Against Hijabs

rgz-topless-01_522328aI like this form of protests.

Not only because I like the female form but because it’s a good way of getting attention and a good way of getting a message out.

Also it’s nice to see a pair of tits without the “porn” or “xxx” that often comes with it.

“During the protest, the partially nude women bore painted slogans, such as “My nudity is my protest” and “No to hijab,” on their chests and backs and held posters from past FEMEN demonstrations. In video footage of the protest, a masked woman chanted “Hijab is not my choice” and “Down with Islamic Republic of Iran,” using a microphone to project her message.”

Iranian FEMEN backers protest against hijabs in Stockholm (VIDEO): Voice of Russia.
Iranian Topless Protest Video: Activists In Sweden Against Hijabs And Iran Strip In Public (NSFW).
Female Iranian communists organize topless protest against hijabs in Swedish capital (PHOTOS) — RT News.




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