Religion is funny

Les armes de la foi 2

Les armes de la foi 2 (Photo credit: tangi_bertin)

As a former teacher I know that education is the way to take the religion out of peoples heads.
I also know that education goes down better if you add a little humor into it.

The videos below are just three of numerous examples of atheist comedians.

Are all comedian atheists? No, I don’t think so but I will risk saying that they are the brightest and funniest among them.

Atheists are a growing number of people and more and more people are turning away from religion. Why?
Education and humor… and the fact that we read all kind of shit about religious leaders and their bat shit crazy followers everyday.

A little Frankie Boyle always brightens my day!

…and a little QI could never hurt anyone.

And the last part in this drink will be Dylan Moran.

Yes, I’m an anglofile… or maybe a UK-phile. šŸ™‚


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