Catholic Church and Al Qaeda

Cologne Cathedral - "Bayernfenster" ...

Cologne Cathedral – “Bayernfenster” – Stoning of Saint Stephen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What does the Catholic Church and Islam have in common?
Well, a lot if you ask me, but this time I’m thinking about their common interests in children and the fact that they both run and hide when they get caught.
Al Qaeda is not the same as Islam. It’s a fundamentalist collection of different groups, within Islam, big difference.
Look it up, the links are highlighted. 🙂

“The Supreme Court refused to hear a case from the Catholic Church in which it claimed it could not be held responsible for abuse committed by one of its priests because he was not an “employee”.

This means the Catholic Church can now be financially liable for child abuse by priests working under its control.”
UK Supreme Court blow for Catholic Church, which tried to evade responsibility for clerical abuse.
National Secular Society – Catholic Church’s attempt to evade responsibility for child abuse liability.

In the name of Islam. » No Country for Women.
Al Qaeda Releases English-Language Magazine For Militants Eurasia Review | Eurasia Review.
Iran tackles ‘inappropriate dressing’ by teaching chastity and hijab to toddlers | World news |
Horsemeat-in-burgers scandal prompts food hygiene fears | World news |

In this video (below), from a sharia court, you will, among other things hear the “judge” say to a woman, “Oh, he has only hit you once, well then it’s not a serious matter”.
I rest my case.
Inside a sharia divorce court – video | Law |

2 thoughts on “Catholic Church and Al Qaeda

  1. Not an “employee.”

    Right… so the church houses the man, feeds the man, gives him an office, and pays him…. but he’s not an employee!



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