Deutsch: Frau mit Niqab

Deutsch: Frau mit Niqab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This (link below) is why I have a hard time to cover Islam.

Most religions are hurting people in one way or the other but the stone age mentality of fundie-islamists is beyond description.

It’s also hard to find facts about everything that is going on since I only speak four languages, and many muslims live in the middle-east or china.
I don’t speak any language (yet) from those parts of the world.

How ever, I see awful things made in Islamic countries.
Stonings, beheadings, floggings and most of it against women.
The countries controlled by the maniac laws and rules of Islam, are filled with oppression and shit that even makes Ray Comfort looks sane!

And as allways, all muslims are not maniacs, all christians are not maniacs and so on but when you incorporate a religion into the very fabric of a society, you’ll get some seriously bad stuff.

There are also a lot of racist and christian groups out there that spend all their time, making up false rumors, lies and fake storys. I need verified facts and that often means media.

The article below describes very well why I have a hard time with this AND the catholic church. It pisses me off and I want to kick something when I see all these pictures and read all these stories.

Rape case brings Saudi laws into focus – World news – Mideast/N. Africa | NBC News.

“When the teenager went to the police a few months ago to report she was gang-raped by seven men, she never imagined the judge would punish her — and that she would be sentenced to more lashes than one of her alleged rapists received.”


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