Beware the Sanzen room

Zen Master

Zen Master (Photo credit: yuan2003)

We have all heard about the Zen teacher Joshu Sasaki that misused his position for his own sexual gratifications with many of his female Zen students.
Sasaki is just one person. Imagine if there was many more like him, in a vast network all over the world, targeting kids, in the name of their religion…

Nah, that’s impossible! The teachers or priests would immediately be arrested and their leader would probably get serious time behind bars…. Media would be over that like flies on shit. We would have heard about something like that. It could never happen.

*cough*Catholic Church*cough*,*cough*

Adam Tebbe: Joshu Sasaki and the Challenge of Sex Scandals in the Zen Community.

Pedophile enabling Cardinal Mahony finds ‘inner peace’ in humiliation – National Humanist |



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