Atheist lies

Here is a lesson in skepticism for you.
Addicting Info is a site that on it’s pages states “Addicting Info started as a resource to discredit all the lies and propaganda that the right-wing spreads. When I undertook the project I thought I would probably have about 100 different articles about a number of different myths, and people could sort through them at will. Eventually that expanded to news and other info, and I quickly realized the DAUNTING task of actually trying to discredit EVERY right-wing myth that is in existence, especially with the constant creation of new ones.”

Amongst other things, I’m a journalist. So I’m allways skeptic about texts, ecpecially my own, it’s a natural state.
I miss things and do mistake like every one else, but sooner or later I correct them.
Read the link below and tell me the source? It’s pure speculations.
I’ve got screen captures of booth the “article” and my comments, in case they should “dissapear”. 😉

Pope Allegedly Sought Immunity For Abuse Crimes Just Before Resigning | Addicting Info.

In short, the page writes that the pope met with the Italian president, after the resignation, and asked for immunity regarding any child abuse.

I said this in the comments:
“I don’t see a source any where?
Texts starting with “It seems that” or “Apparently” are extremely fishy and should be avoided. Otherwise, this is just hearsay or a plain lie.
No comment from the Vatican… yeah right.
Who was at the alledged meeting with the president? Who heard what was said? Is there papers to support this?

Give us a source or GTFO!”

And got this:″

My answer:

“A private blog and a private forum… that’s not a source, that’s a joke.”
If only the writer at Addicting Info had started the text with “A rumor states” or “There’s gossip flying around” or anything that made it it clear that this was just fantasies, for now.
When it’s confirmed from something better than a private blog or forum, then I’ll put it here. Until then, this will be filed under “Tinfoil Hat”.

To be skeptic also means your own texts.


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