Faith + Atheism = Divorce

Star Trek: The Original Series Setpiece

Star Trek: The Original Series Setpiece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve never had faith. My family never had faith… as a matter of fact, the closest thing I personally have come to faith, is that my great, great, grand, grand mother, is said to have been in a church once.
In the 16th century, relatives of mine rode in (by horse) to the church and whooped the local priest. The priest called their sister a whore (she wasn’t).
That’s about it.
Therefore I just see faith as, at best, a disorder or mildly amusing.

Religion… now that’s something completely different.
That shit is dangerous. It kills and enslaves people.
It takes away persons rights and diminish people.
Any movement stating that “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” or “our book tells us that you shall have no rights”, no matter if it is religion or politics, is bat shit crazy and needs to be put down.
This “join us or we’ll kill you” belongs in Star Trek.

So, what happens if someone like me, meets someone with faith?
I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work.
She will sooner or later be offended or telling me things like “that’s not what it says in my book”
The fact that I don’t care what her book says just makes the whole thing impossible.
Sex… let’s just not go there. :)

When spouses lose faith, sticking together is hard | Religion News Service.

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